The Right Way to Fix Bent Tennis Net Posts

Bill Gates (no, not that Bill Gates) wrote in desperation,

Please Help!
Do I dig the concrete to replace my tennis net Post? They are Bent.”

Our answer to Bill:
NEVER! Many years ago, while working on the coast where rust rapidly devours steel, I stumbled across the most unique net bracing system. The smartest old fart in the Bahamas, as he called himself, took me to his dilapidated work shed out behind the fancy Caribbean resort and made me a deal. If I would send him a case of Lone Star Beer, bottles only, he would build me a production model that I could carry back to Ft. Worth.
Net Post BracesDEAL DONE…. For Over 15 years, we have fabricated and sold net post braces, which enables your maintenance crew to straighten and repair net posts without any damage to the foundation. It is fast, easy, inexpensive and permanent. These braces require no welding and comes with the hardware. Once a post is leaning, a brace must be installed on each post. This is a lifetime fix. The cost is $89.95 per post. Please look on page 4 of our catalog or call our office to order. Instructions come with the post but for any questions, call and we will talk you though the repair steps.