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Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
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 37 reviews
by Julie Dean on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Ivins, UT

We are very happy with our wind screens. They make a huge difference and they protect our horses well.

by I. Allespach on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Plantation, FL

Living in hot, humid and rainy south Florida, It is imperative that we protect our horses against summer storms and wind. This is an outstanding product which not only provides wind protection but also shade while also keeping the animals cool. Mr Verde and staff are outstanding--very helpful, available and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this product!

by Craig Dane on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Lubbock, TX

Working with this company has been a pleasure. I highly recommend them.

by Hardee minnis on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Burleso n,tx

Needed screen to keep out sun, looks great and cut heat drastically, love it.

by Chance Hashaw on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Batson, Texas

What can I say that everyone hasn't already? I cant say John is not a genuinely good guy because he is. I cant say that i wasn't treated like their only customer, well because that's how I was treated. Even though the job I needed done was small in comparison to some, John and company acted like it's the only one that mattered. Besides the outstanding customer service, they custom built some winds screens for my "custom" (by me) built horse barn and stalls. It turned out and works better than I could have imagined. So pleased with the outcome!  John personally called and helped me through all the installation and wanted pictures of completed product to make sure I was 100% satisfied. I was. So, what CAN i say? I will use and recommend this service for all my future needs. Thanks John!! Lil Mama, Outlaw and Amigo really enjoy there spot in the shade.

by Bill B on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Georgetown, TX

John Verde and company are very easy to work with. The wind screens they made for my carport were a perfect fit. The quality of their product is exceptional and a very good value. I give them my highest recommendation.

by Marynell Murphy on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Dallas, TX

John Verde made a windscreen for our animal pen to protect the animals from the weather. His company is so professional, does fantastic work, and they really care about the customer. They go above and beyond as far as workmanship and making you feel as if you are their only customer. I will not use anyone but John Verde and Stroke Master.


by aarouse on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Cleburne-texas

Great people to work with , I got my tennis court resurfaced with Mr Verde and
his crew , amazing job , very honest , will do business with them anytime , most important thing : integrity

by Michael S on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Creston, CA

As a novice rancher, John provided very good guidance on solutions including type of screen + framing. The screens were easy to install, measurements were spot on and had plenty of rope.  John Verde was a delight to work with and was available for support throughout the install. My challenge was keeping the hay in the hay barn dry during the winter months, but also have ventilation and visibility to see what was in the hay barn.  Screens look great and should provide the protection from the rain we're looking for! Thanks John!

by Valerie Romberg on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Lipan, Texas

Recently, a home was built next door, literally with the front of the house having a direct view into our back yard and patio at their lot line, given the pie shape of the lot....we are thrilled with our new neighbors, but we were devastated at the loss of ALL privacy! It was like living in a fishbowl!

John Verde recommended and installed screening to the side of our pergola which is adjacent to the parking pad next door, and the transformation is awesome! The screening, brought us back to the joy of being able to sit on the patio... with privacy... once again. The look of Pergola with the screen is absolutely beautiful. We love it!! The new neighbors appreciate it!

Five stars for a professionally executed installation and product. We resolved our problem, and are grateful for the solution offered by John and team.

Many Thanks to John Verde and Strokemaster Windscreen for quality product and service! For our neighbors in Sugartree development in Lipan or anywhere....they are a winner and highly recommended for residential application.

by Dyana Gracey on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Weatherford Texas

I recently had screens made for my Border Collies outside dog yards. We were having problems with them running the fence with each other. We hung them on the fencing and It is amazing!! They look good with the quality construction and grommets. The dogs have privacy from each other! NO more running and barking! The screens are 48 ft long by 4 ft tall, they can make anything you need!! Great service and the guys came and installed them! Super nice and professional men! I have several friends with their screens and they came highly recommended.

by Steve Pelosi on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Bethany, CT

I breed and show imported German Shepherds. Living in Connecticut has meant that I have to deal with windswept rains and snow storms in the winter and 95 degree hot and humid conditions in the summer in my efforts to maintain my small kennel and provide optimal living conditions for my females and pups. In the past I tried greenhouse materials and tarps but each of these had serious drawbacks. I searched the internet and found Stroke Master windscreens and decided to install them for the winter.
I could not be more satisfied. They are strong, effective in blocking snow and rain, and importantly to me, are attractive and professional looking. Recently we had a an ice storm followed by sub zero temperatures with very gusty winds. Although, my female was "kenneled" for only a few hours per day in these temperatures, I noticed that within the enclosed kennel runs she was protected because the 35-45 mph wind gusts outside were non existent in the kennel. I am very impressed. Great product with numerous application/usage possibilities.

by Shannon S. on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Fort Lonesome, Florida

I recently built a new barn and in Florida, it is so critical to think about temperature management as well as weather elements like rain. The barn was designed to have lots of air flow, and I wanted to make sure the horses were protected against the rains that come during hurricane season. John was amazing and created a great solution for me! He worked with my welder and handyman to do the install. It looks great and it immediately felt cooler in the barn. It was a huge success, and I highly recommend working with John.

by Lisa on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Doyline, LA

We have a small barn and we wanted something to block the wind and rain from the open top half of a north facing wall. It’s important to us for our horses to be able to see out the front of the barn and these Strokemaster Windscreens are a perfect solution. Totally block the wind and rain while still allowing us to see through the screens. John is fantastic to work with and walked us through proper measurements and installation over the phone. Super fast shipping and then follow up to make sure we were satisfied. We highly recommend this product and will definitely be doing business with John again!

by Cynthia Dunekacke on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Buena Vista, CO

We covered our entire pavilion in our RV Park with screening and we love it! It blocks the wind but we still have a perfect view of all the surrounding mountains. Great product!

by Margaret Veale on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: San Manuel, TX

Love the screen install for my horse barn stalls! The screens fit perfectly. We now have protection from the sun, too much wind, rain coming into stalls! The stalls are cooler in summer and warmer in the winter!

by Ellie & Jesse Berube on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Putnam Station, NY

We could not be happier with our screens from Strokemaster! The screens are made of high quality materials and are aesthetically pleasing. The StrokeMaster team was very helpful and made us feel like family. They did everything they could to make our screens perfect. Even our dogs are happy with the new screens! Thank you StrokeMaster!

by Chris B on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Double Oak, Texas

John Verde and his crew replaced the netting on my basketball court. The quality of the netting and installation was second only to the professionalism of the install and friendliness. He went above and beyond to answer my questions and now my court is "better than new." I would use their services again and cannot recommend them high enough!

by Rhonda on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Aledo, TX

I absolutely love the screens John installed in my arena! Not only do they keep out rain and wind, they just made my arena look complete!! His installers were so professional and John went above and beyond everything he said he would do, they even installed some screening on the pergola that is attached to my arena so it’s shaded now! I consider John Verde a friend and a true man of his word!

by Wings of Hope on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Cleburne, Texas

If we could give John and the team more than 5 stars we would without hesitation. He helped us bring a bucket list item to reality for our therapeutic riding facility.

John thoroughly understood the specific needs of our arena and our program and went above and beyond to help us provide a better arena for our riders with disabilities and challenges.

He was very accommodating with each one of our specific needs and requests. We highly recommend Strokemaster Windscreen Supply to anyone seeking this type of product!

by Nancy Hubener on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: New Ulm, TX

I am so pleased with the windscreens I ordered for my barn's four stalls. The barn has no roof overhang so the stalls are not protected from wind or rain blowing sideways. The recent bad weather, i.e., chilling wind and rain, put the screens to the test. I can confirm that they performed as intended. They blocked the wind and the stalls remained dry. What a difference! I was pleasantly surprised by the cost; they were an economical solution to the problem. My horses benefit immensely, and I have peace of mind, less clean-up, and a product that will last for years.

Of equal importance is the unsurpassed customer service provided by John Verde and Joyce Spencer, who were incredibly friendly, professional and hands-on from start to finish. This project moved swiftly because of their engagement and commitment to the outcome. When I completed installation and realized one screen was missing a grommet, John drove from Fort Worth to my home near Houston to add the grommet and inspect the installation. That is service beyond the sale, something in short supply these days, and priceless!

by Jim Willoughby on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Bowie, Texas

Our screens have been installed for over 25 Years. This company does windscreens very well and you'll be delighted with positive results. John Verde is a good man.

Jim Willoughby National Reining Horse Hall of Fame

by Clay Johns on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Millsap, Texas

Strokemaster Screens are well made, look nice and last for years. We tried cheaper screens and the results were not good. We had to replace them after a short time. You can trust this company.

by Jeannene Xanthus on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Celeste, Texas

Love the screens that were professionally installed by the crew. They have provided a much needed wind and shade break at west and north end of our barn. Look great. Will use them in the future on other projects. Definitely worth the money!

by Marcia Kuperstein on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Moraga, California

When I called your company, I was very confused. I needed to cover my pergola, and I did not know how to pick the right screen. I wanted a little sun, but I did not know what percentage of light I would be happy with. When I talked to JOHN VERDE, I said I just do not know what thickness or percentage would be just right for me. John said I want you to stop worrying about percentages, as he had the perfect screen for my pergola. I was thrilled to be talking to someone who actually took away the stress I was having regarding this whole issue. He seemed so nice, and did not make me feel like a fool when I was overly anxious about this whole project. I did order the screen, hoping I was doing the right thing. I could not believe how perfect this screen is. It lets in the exact amount of light I wanted, and it is made extremely well. Now here is the kicker: I was not happy about needing a screen because I thought they were not so pretty to look at. This one is beautiful! I was not expecting that to happen, so I was more than pleasantly surprised. Because of John's knowledge and patience, I would recommend this company to anyone needing a screen.

by Natalya Gryson on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Brevard, NC

John's support was extremely helpful regarding the design and construction of my movable pasture shelters on skids. He advised regarding material for the frame, dimensions, and mobility. He offered several measurement options for the windscreens, being sure I could stay within my budget and counseled as to installation. I appreciate his support in the project and enjoyed doing business with him! Thank you, John.

by Virginia Norris on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Farmersville, Texas

I have screens over 25 years old from John. They are still strong and I am extremely happy with the quality and the service. I have my barns, windows and sides of my trailer covers done in the black screening. Thank you John for having such a good product.

by Cox Ranch on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Poolville, TX

We have these windscreens installed in our cow barns, and horse barns. They are a great quality screen and very sturdy. Everything from customer service, to installation is top notch with this company. John does an excellent job to make sure his customers are extremely satisfied with the products!

by Jammie Maze on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: LaRue, TX

I really wanted to write a review for this company. We had a great experience buying our screen fence for our baseball field. We have tried to do small improvements on our field, Strokemaster made a huge difference. The quality of the product I received was second to none, the logos they created and distance markers they used gave us a big league field. On top of everything the guys they sent to help with installation were great. I was very pleased with how they worked with and acted around our students. They taught our kids a great lesson on conduct and attitude. Everybody should use this company

by Christina Forno on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Santa Clarita, CA

I needed some wind, rain, and sun protection for my horses stall and these windscreens did the trick! Being an out of state customer was not an issue. The folks at StrokeMaster Windscreens worked with me via phone and email to design the best use of their windscreens for my space. I was pleasantly surprised that the windscreens are lightweight and arrived in a fairly small, easy to carry box. I installed all three screens by myself and I am very happy with the result. Great product quality, easy installation, and nice people to work with...what more could a customer ask for! Thank you StrokeMaster Windscreens for a job well done!

by George Starbuck on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Ottawa, Kansas

We installed these screens a year ago; their durability is awesome. In my opinion they are the best thing since the wheel. Their application is so versatile for industrial use to farm and home . They block out wind , snow, rain and the hot sun as well but still allow light and air into outside buildings. I worked directly with John, he is a pleasure to talk to and work with. George in Kansas .

by John Guy, CCM on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Wilmette, IL

I have used John Verde for tennis windscreens, at my previous club (Northwood Club, Dallas) and my current club (Wesmoreland CC, Chicago area). At both clubs, he educated the head pro and myself why the need to invest in polyurethane wind screens versus typical nylon. His polyurethane screens have nearly triple the life, are much more durable, and have no color fading - - just a more professional look and smart investment. John is knowledgeable about fencing and how to reinforce a weak fence, if necessary, to handle the weight of polyurethane screens. All in all, his service is first class and pricing is fair and competitive. I highly recommend him John Verde and Strokemaster!

by Ken Robertson on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Valley View, TX

One year ago John and his crew came to our ranch and put up screening around the North facing corner of the paddock behind our barn. With last winters storms, spring rains, and this Christmas storm our horses had a warm, dry, safe place to be. We all felt much better about this, especially the horses.

by David Webb on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: North Richland Hills, TX

I have used John Verde at several of my previous clubs and he has always done exceptional work. He is a class individual who does whatever it takes to get the job done right. He epitomizes the word professional. His honesty and integrity are above reproach. I have no hesitations recommending Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies.

by Duane Merideth on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Durant, Oklahoma

Stroke Master did an outstanding job in all aspects of the project for the Durant Independent School District. Our Tennis Courts look GREAT!

by Randy and Stacy Dehne on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Edmond, Oklahoma

Really enjoyed talking to John.

He delivered exactly what we needed to get a wind block on our north side of barn, very professional and very quick delivery.


Randy Dehne

Topgun Ranch

by Al Barton, D.V.M. on Strokemaster Windscreen Supplies
City & State: Georgetown, TX

John came to our horse ranch to assist in developing a plan to screen in our horse barn and round pen. He was extremely knowledgeable about blocking wind and rain and what was involved to make the final project absolutely perfect. He worked with us on trying to keep the cost at a reasonable rate. He made a lot of helpful suggestions and we thoroughly enjoyed his professional and friendly manner. We look forward to working with John on the project.


For nearly 50 years... StrokeMaster Windscreen Supply has been providing quality windscreens for
tennis, baseball & softball fields, horse arenas, cattle barns, fair grounds, hobby farm enclosures and wildlife pens.

Other applications include privacy screen, vision barriers, pergola shade, livestock shelters and more.


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