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All Animal Shelter

When you can use the same shelter for your donkey, goats, cattle or horses, and it functions as well in the summer as the winter, you have found a product that performs better than most around the barn!  Used in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska and California, this clever solution needs no building permits and functions year round.  Shade from the sun, air flow, with high visibility of the surroundings combine with the ability to block out rain, snow, and icy winds to give you the perfect solution to your shelter needs. ← Charming Ranch Office Windbreaks for Livestock Operations →


Charming Ranch Office

Some of our installations are very simple: modifications that make life more pleasant around the home and on the ranch. This little outbuilding needed some relief from the wind, rain, and sun. ← Tennis Pro Helps Cows Beat the Heat All Animal Shelter →


Protect Water Tanks from Dust, Dirt, and Algae

They do things big in Texas, and with big water tanks come big problems. Like dust, dirt, and algae! On the Bell Ranch, these issues were a problem until John Verde of StrokeMaster Windscreen Supply came up with the perfect solution. Strong enough to stand on, and strong enough tostand up to the wind and sun that the Texas climate deals out, the screens will protect and eliminate all the sun that causes so much algae to grow in these stock tanks. ← Rock Creek Cutting Horses Tennis Pro Helps Cows Beat the Heat →


Rock Creek Cutting Horses

Look at some of our recent work. What a great-looking facility they have at Rock Creek Cutting Horses! The addition of windscreens by StrokeMaster Windscreen Supply helps keep the horses, cattle, and cowboys comfortable for the best performance. ← Livestock and Pets Require Winter Shelter Protect Water Tanks from Dust, Dirt, and Algae →


Livestock and Pets Require Winter Shelter

An October 2001 article by Daniel Diss highlights what many of our clients are discovering: Windscreens provide cost-effective and efficient cold-weather protection for pets and livestock. Here are Daniel’s remarks: Freeze damaging temperatures combined with wind drafts cause hypothermia, frostbite and all types of cold weather injuries to large animals, pets and people. Making sure adequate food, water, shelter and windbreaks are provided prevent sickness and saves money. Early signs of cold weather diseases found in cattle and horses are not always immediately noticeable. Even with pets, it may take upward of two weeks before cold weather maladies are evident. Sudden death can also be traced to respiratory infections caused by freezing elements. Stock exposed to consistent cold wet weather with no shelter for long periods of time are prone to lower weight gains, changes in coats and less reproduction success.. The rates of morbidity and mortality increase in areas that lack dry feed and bedding. Livestock experience thermal stress where climate changes occur rapidly. All warm blooded creatures must maintain consistent body temperature to keep proper metabolic processes. Acute cold wind shelters, either natural or by design, play an important role for income producing ranches. Studies prove beef or dairy cattle protected from harsh elements perform better than cows kept in cold conditions below critical body temperature zones. Providing

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For nearly 50 years... StrokeMaster Windscreen Supply has been providing quality windscreens for
tennis, baseball & softball fields, horse arenas, cattle barns, fair grounds, hobby farm enclosures and wildlife pens.

Other applications include privacy screen, vision barriers, pergola shade, livestock shelters and more.


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