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Our History

It all began with tennis!


Early in his business career of teaching and selling tennis court equipment, John Verde, a Master USPTA Tennis Professional in Dallas, Texas, sought for a way to help shelter his newly acquired horse. Having only a pasture and no barn, John had the idea that tennis court windscreens could work to construct a shelter, and he successfully created a screened leanto that provided protection against the elements . . . and with that and his innovative ideas, Strokemaster Windscreen Supply was born.


Several years later, Jim Willoughby, a NRHA Hall of Fame member, wondered if the screens around tennis courts could help block the wind and rain on his open-sided hay barn while still offering needed ventilation.


Jim found John’s windscreen business in Ft. Worth, they met and worked on solving just how screens could be held in place without fence support, and then custom windscreens improved. Credit Jim with the idea that attaching metal rods around edges of the opening would allow screens to be pulled tight.


Over the years, as polypropylene fabric became an ideal choice to use as weather protection for livestock, John used his vision and passion to expand on the idea of using screens for a variety of applications. Working with customers and their requests, Strokemaster Windscreen Supply has successfully custom developed screen usage to solve a wide range of problems and issues, to customer satisfaction.

What sets Strokemaster Windscreen Supply apart? Knowledge, expertise and complete understanding of every customer’s needs. Every job is custom solved. There is no “one size fits all” answer to screen solutions. We design, manufacture and install every job to the exact specifications needed to achieve the finest and most accurate solutions.

After almost 50 years, John and the staff at Strokemaster Windscreen Supply remain committed to the needs of their customers. People nationwide have contacted us over the years with ideas and needs on many diverse structures for vision barriers, weather protection and privacy . . . benefiting people, animals and equipment.


For nearly 50 years... StrokeMaster Windscreen Supply has been providing quality windscreens for
tennis, baseball & softball fields, horse arenas, cattle barns, fair grounds, hobby farm enclosures and wildlife pens.

Other applications include privacy screen, vision barriers, pergola shade, livestock shelters and more.


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