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Our Story

Windscreens began somewhere, but ours began in 1971 with someone.  John Verde a Dallas tennis pro, early in his business career, was teaching and selling court equipment.  John had long desired owning his own horse.  Without a barn and only a small pasture presented a weather problem.  The issue was resolved by attaching to his garage a lean-to shed with a tin roof and nailing used tennis court windscreens to the sides.  Soon, his first horse “Five” had a shelter!

Some years later, Jim Willoughby a NRHA Hall of Fame member wondered if using the screens seen around tennis courts would block wind & rain on his open-sided hay barn, but still allow ventilation.  After calling around he found John’s business in Ft. Worth, Texas. Being intrigued by the call from a professional cowboy, a meeting was planned in Bowie.  The dilemma was how to hold the screens in place without the support of a chain link fence.  Credit Jim with the idea that attaching metal rods around edges of the openings would allow the screens to be pulled tight.

Many people nationwide have contacted us over the years with their ideas and needs, on many diverse structures for vision barriers, weather protection and privacy… benefiting people, animals and equipment.

Founder of Strokemaster Windscreen Supply pictured with his horse Sonny and dog Titus.

John Verde…    

“Tennis pro helps cattle beat the heat”

Article published in Texas Hereford  Magazine

In this fascinating article you will get an insight about how windscreens used on tennis courts and ball fields accomplished stopping heat stress on cattle & saved the lives of many of their calves.

Click HERE to read the article on our blog.


When the call came in from Luke he was worried about his cattle. It had been one of the worst heat waves in years and his cattle needed shade, NOW! The next day we had a plan and fabrication begun. Problem solved with cool shade for the cows and a happy rancher!


(48 Hours Later)



Trusted by Champions

Weatherford, Texas

“We are thrilled”… In November 2018, our multipurpose barn with open sides took on a totally new dimension… merging our ideas with Windscreen Supply’s guidance, we installed the screens. Immediately our barn was weather protected. Dry stalls, comfortable horses, moisture free hay, trailers protected, and tack safeguarded. “ Working in the barn has never been so pleasant”

Samantha Lewis
Weatherford, Texas

Samantha Lewis and David Franklin
2017 AQHA World Team Penning Champions
2017 AQHA World Ranch Sorting Champions

Berube’s Happy Pups

Putham Station, New York

“We could not be happier with our screens from Strokemaster! The screens are made of high quality materials and are aesthetically pleasing. The StrokeMaster team was very helpful and made us feel like family. They did everything they could to make our screens perfect. Even our dogs are happy with the new screens! Thank you StrokeMaster!”

Ellie Berube
Putham Station, New York

Ellie & Jess Berube
Putham Station, New York

Bell Ranch

Solano, New Mexico

Gary Green explains, “We’ve used other brands of tarps over the years but the quality of the Strokemaster windscreens far exceeded our expectations. The appearance was so strong that after a dare, in my boots, I walked on the top of our water tank weather screens.”

Gary Green
Solano, New Mexico

Rangeland Livestock Water Tank Cover
Bell Ranch

When you have an idea for a windscreen project or would like to know how we can help you with a specific need… Contact us!

“Solutions start with a phone call”  (817) 429-4488

Tougher than the Changing Climate! COOLER IN SUMMER AND WARMER IN WINTER”

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