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Windscreens and nets for agricultural, privacy, sports, and various other uses

For nearly 50 yearsStrokeMaster Windscreen Supply has been providing quality windscreen for tennis, baseball & softball fields, horse arenas, cattle barns, fair grounds, hobby farm enclosures and wildlife pens.  Other applications include privacy screen, vision barriers, pergola shade, livestock shelters and more.

windscreen assistance is only a phone call away

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All-Season Ventilated Weather Protection

Results you can count on… “Rapidly”

“Made in the USA”
Your job request, preferred fabrics, ample inventory,  and a skilled sewing shop allows us to fabricate what you need –  when you need it.

“Solutions start with a phone call”  (817) 429-4488

Gone with the wind  – “Not Our Screens” 

Precise measurements, lacing rods and skilled installation techniques are vital to eliminate the hassle of blow downs and tattered screens. Whether you do-it yourself or choose to have our professional installation … 

Our guidance start to finish ensures a successful project.     

From design to delivery…                           

  • Personalizing each windscreen project has become our legacy-
    spanning nearly half a century.
  • Understanding your objectives & evaluating individualized solutions 
  • Windscreens produce positive results immediately
  • Delivery in as little as one to two days
  • Customized to fit any structure, panel, gate
  • Crafted to be cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter
  • Screens are available in complimentary colors
  • Improved first impressions when used as a visual barrier
  • Arrives with all accessories needed for installation

“Solutions start with a phone call”  (817) 429-4488

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Small Barns and Run In Shelters
  • Horse & Cattle Shade Cover
  • Hay Storage Protection
  • Residential Fence Privacy 
  • Tennis Court Windscreens
  • Sports Field Fence Screens
  • Dog Kennels & Canine Runs
  • Containment Tarps & Enclosures
  • Industrial Warehouse Dividers 
  • RV, Auto and Trailer Sun Screen

Farm and Ranch application of screens

Protect your passion using custom fabricated windscreens. Our guidance will achieve your expectations.

Shade and ventilation that stands up to the elements.  Your livestock will be happier and healthier!

Logos on screens for athletic fields

Windscreen …Chain-Link Fences 

(817) 429-4488 | (800) 441-0061

“Windscreen assistance is only a phone call away”

sport complexes

  • Vision barrier windscreens add privacy.
  • Reduces crowd distractions.
  • Adding a logo will encourage team spirit.

Tennis Court Windscreens

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