Cute Dairy Cow Story! & True…

One day, in Hico, Texas we were demonstrating our windscreen at a dairy day show. While waiting in line to get our badges, two farmers were standing close behind us and talking about this new windscreen stuff as weather protection for dairy cows. One said to the other–with no idea of the 50 years we had been selling windscreens for baseball & tennis–“I wonder why the company is called Strokemaster”? The older of the two men, said “Hell – that’s a good question!” After a long pause, he said, “I bet it has to do with keeping Klaas’s old bull from passing out after he completes a day of work and 50 unwilling heifers.”

Dairy Shades & TarpsAs a former tennis pro (thus “Strokemaster”), I enjoy introducing ranchers to the great uses they can make of our windscreens. Sometimes that includes keeping bulls from having strokes!



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